St. Francis Church

#1 Heritage Tour : - Visit to heritage sites in Cochin in the morning by boat conducted by Tourist Corporation. The Place of interests are as follows

Dutch Palace: - The glory of the palace lies in mural paintings, which are the best traditions of Hindu temple art, decorative and stylish.

Synagogue: -The oldest synagogue in commonwealth built in 1568. The great scrolls of the Old Testament and exquisite Chinese hand painted tiles are the attractions. The area around synagogue is a centre for curio shops and spice trading.

St. Francis Church: - The first church built by Europeans in India where the body of Vasco–da -Gama was buried.

Chinese fishing net: - These nets on the bay mouth were first erected by traders from the court of Kubla Khan between AD1350 and 1450.

Sunset Tour in the evening :- A conducted tour on boat to see the beautiful sunset while cruising through backwaters and lagoons.


#2 Ayurvedic Healthcare and Body Massage : - Health care by ayurvedic physician /therapist, either by a body massage or a consultation is essential for good health. Ayurveda is a complete naturalistic system of medicine for purifying body, mind and soul in the natural way. The rejuvenation therapy for body, mind and soul; enhancing longevity treatment for retarding ageing process is a must.


Rubber plantations

#3 Eco –Tourism: - The tour to the native village of hosts, Mannathur, an hour drive away, where his ancestral home and own spice plantations situated. Here villagers live a simple life in the pattern prevalent in olden days. You will be getting a whiff of a real Kerala village by the visit and also an ideal get away from your every day tensions. At the gateway of the village you will be welcomed by the rustling sound of waterfall during monsoon. The village stream flowing through paddy fields and spice plantations add to the picturesque. It paints a pretty scene with pineapple, vanilla, nutmeg and rubber plantations.

This natural lovers paradise is blessed with abundance of natural beauty, stunning view of rolling hills draped in the greenery of rubber plantations and also of velvet lawns of pineapple gardens. A couple of cows in a family is a rule; at dawn cycle riders with pails of milk can be seen on village roads. Go to a natural walk through rubber and nutmeg gardens and observe birds, butterflies and squirrels. See the harvesting of rubber by a long curving cut on the outer bark of the trunk of rubber tree. The latex with in the tree seeps to the surface of the cut and trickle down through the cuts into the container tied to the tree. A journey to the graceful village church on the near by hill, laden with the fragrance of natural beauty is relieving one. Cycling through the bund roads of irrigation canals is quite enjoyable. A visit to village blacksmith reveals the age-old art of making agricultural equipments for the villagers. A village lunch at the host's ancestral home with locally grown vegetables, fresh village chicken dish will be an unforgettable experience in your life.

                        To safeguard the eco-system and also for socio-economic cultural development, we installed gober gas production units in our homes using cow dung as raw material. The gas thus produced are used for cooking and heating . The waste slurry from these units are using as raw material for the production of organic manure called vermin compost. Thus this organic farming village conserves the environment by not cutting trees for firewood and sustains the well being of villagers.


#4 Elephant safari: - The elephant-training centere at Kodanad is at a distance of 45minutes drive. The wild elephant calves rescued from the forests are tamed here to do the jobs such as ferrying trees or caparisoned and used in spectacular pageant of festivals especially in Kerala temples .Now half a dozen calves are undergoing training and the youngest one is three months old. You can enjoy the joy rides on the tamed elephant also.

On your way back, a visit to rock temple at Kallil; a 9 th century Jain Temple, shaped out of a large rock, on a small hill at picturesque surroundings. The visitor have to climb 120 steps to reach the rare historic temple; having a statue of Mahavera, the founder of Jainism carved on the rock.


Robin bird

#5 Birding :- One hour drive will leave you at Thattekad bird sanctuary, situated between the branches of Periyar river. The sanctuary is an evergreen tropical forest, is a perfect habitat and home for different species of birds. You can watch the birds either from the watch tower or a rowing country boat. The rare birds in the sanctuary are horn bill, crimson-throated barbet, Bee-eater, Sunbird, Shrike, Fairy blue bird, grey-headed fishing Eagle, Back winged kite, Night Heron, Grey Heron, Malabar Shama. You can also see the common birds like Indian Roller, cuckoo, jungle Nightjar, kite, Malabar trogon, Grey jungle fowl, Robin bird, woodpecker, jungle Babbler and darter etc.


#6 Canoeing:- Exploring the life of the people in the countryside on a country boat, by canoeing through narrow canals, in the midst of lush green Coconut grooves is enjoyable one. You can see the coir rope making, Chinese fishing net in action and toddy tapping. A visit to the prawn and crab farms during season will be an added excitement. In the evening you can have your shopping in the city.


Chinese fishing net

#7 Cooking Classes and Excursion to beach..

Your host Mrs. Lacily, who is an expert in Syrian christian cookery, will conduct classes and demonstrations in the morning. The cooked food served to you, are Bamboo steamed cake, Coconut shell steamed meat cake, steamed rice noodles, Coconut rice pie, chicken stew, fish moly, fish coconut peera, Syrian christian grilled fish, Syrian christian balls and fries

After Lunch, a forty-five minutes drive will lead you to Cherai Beach, for swimming. Dolphins are seen occasionally there.


#8 Wild life Expedition :- A 3hrs drive through sprawling tea gardens, pristine valleys, picture book towns, winding lanes ends in Eravikulam National park. The park is the abode of Nilgiris Tahr, the endangered mountain goat, now having the largest population in the world. This wild life sanctury, an ever green tropical forest is sprinkled with patches of shrubs and grass lands. The other animals you can see are lion-tailed Macaque, Gaur, Samber,Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bear, Panther, Wild dogs and Nilgri Languor. It is closed for visitors during monsoon.


Mountain goat


#9 Water falls : - A 100 minutes drive leads to Athripally, the 80 feet water fall, in the midst of greenery. The sublime beauty of waterfall, the soothing sound infuses freshness in tired souls. The virgin water fall known as Vazhachal is 5 kilometers away. The nature and its expressions, sooth your senses with a dip in the waters of the stream.


#10 Amusement park :- The nearby amusement park is a place for full day family entertainment. Located in the natural set up and have many thrilling water games.

#11 Native Fishing :- Catch the fish at the Medieval Times Style by using hook and line from Lagoons and Rivers of Cochin. Experience Shrimp catching by net. Learn the art of fishing by Chinese fishing net.

#12 Yoga :- The goal of Yoga is to keep body healthy and mind peaceful.This is achieved by yoga exercises/positions(asanas)for toning muscles, lubricating joints and massaging body.

The importance of yoga poses are :-
a) Effective in increasing flexibility of the body and freeing all energy blocks;thus leads to healthier body.
Helps to loose excess flab and weight;one of the major cause of ill health.
c) Messaging the internal organs of the body like rarely stimulated thyroid glands.
d) It help to treat several health disorders such as backaches and arthritis.
e) Correcting metabolic disorders.
f) Overcoming stress and Mind behaviors that seems beyond your control.
g) Changing the personality disorders.


#13 Dental Treatment :-

Major areas of dental treatment available are:-
a) Preservative treatments and aesthetic dentistry like cavity sealing and root canal treatment.
b) Prosthetic treatments like crown and bridges.
c) Dental implants by artificial root canaling or by screwing in jaw bone
d) Oral surgery, removal of impacted teeth
e) Cosmetic dentistry such as whitening teeths, replacing missing teeths, bleeching and bonding.

#14 Kathakali :- The traditional dance drama of kerala in which high degree of stylization is seen as the method of acting, presentation, makeup and costuming .It is a unique combination of music, painting, acting, and dance.Kathakali explicates events and stories from epics.The dancers adron themselves with huge skirts and head-dresses;wearing most intricate style of make up.They unfold stories of epics, by facial expressions and gestures. A vocalist sings narrative verses, while drums,cyambals,provides a continous musical accompaniment and sound effects of dramatic movement.. Top  

Please note : Each activity is for one day.


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